Confirmed for Melodic Rock Fest 2018

    Kee Marcello is one of the most renowned guitarists out of Scandinavia with an amazing track record. He's best known as the guitarist of the biggest rock exports out of Sweden to date, Europe. In the late '80s and early '90s Europe were one of the biggest rock bands in the World. They sold over 30 million albums. 

    Kee Marcello is a unique artist in the Hard Rock genre. He has never stopped evolving and growing as both a writer and a guitarist and the new album shows how much he managed to raise the bar yet again with both his guitar playing, singing and writing.

    With the new album Scaling up, set to release October 14th 2016 via Frontiers Records, Kee Marcello is using his past as a springboard and takes a giant leap into the future! With the new music firmly grounded in the songwriting tradition that made him a multiplatinum rock star in the first place, Kee explores the boundaries of Melodic Hard Rock with contemporary performance and a cracking production.

    Video: Don't Miss You Much | Black Hole Star | Scaling Up | Dog Eat Dog | The Harder They Come       
             BumbleKee | Superstitious | Prisoners in Paradise
    Links: Kee Marcello facebook
    AgentThomas Ståhl for STAHL INC. (Exclusive representation Worldwide)


    Kee MarcelloSticky Fingers - Gothenburg, Sweden
    Back to the 80´s
    feat: Kee Marcello
    Göta Lejon - Stockholm, Sweden
    doors 16:00
    Kee MarcelloMelodic Rock Fest- Malmö, Sweden

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