to Finland in January 2014

    The Current favourites of the melodic rock scene. Stockholm's Eclipse first came to our attention back in 2001 when the fresh faced youngsters put out their debut album "The Truth and a Little More". Singer Erik Mårtensson, "guitarist Magnus Henriksson bassist Fredrik Folkare and drummer Magnus Ulfstedt were barely out of their teens but made a hard rock that showed enough potential for Italian label Frontiers to pick them up for their next album "Second to None".

    With Mårtensson busy with many other projects it would be 2008 before he and Henriksson the 2 surviving members released "Are You Ready to Rock" an album that defined their new harder sound and resulted in universal acclaim. Eclipse began to play live more regularly and Mårtensson became an in demand writer and producer on a high profile projects such as W.E.T, Jimi Jamison, Giant, Sturm und Drang among many others. In late 2012 ECLIPSE released the impressive "Bleed and Scream"

    Video: Bleed and Scream | Wake me up
    AgentThomas Ståhl for STAHL INC. (Exclusive for Finland)
    www: Eclipse site | Eclipse facebook

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