New Album coming May 2013

    The Poodles is one of Sweden's most established classic hard-rock bands. This is The Poodles on a mission. The mission of metal. Their debut album "Metal Will Stand Tall" was released in 2006 only to make it to the top places on the swedish charts. They received a gold record for their first single "Night of Passion" and was the most downloaded song after only 3 weeks. After this they have worked with the famous actor Peter Stormare on the single "Seven Seas" that was released in 2007 and took place in the swedish Eurovision song contest in 2008 with E-type. The singer Jacob Samuel was also starring in a very popular choir contest on the swedish national television in 2011.

    Video: I Want It All  |  Like no Tommorrow  |  Metal Will Stand Tall  |  Night of Passion  |  I Rule the Night 
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